Top Internships in Houston

Top Internships in Houston

Houston is one of the cities most reliant on the energy economy. But if you think you shouldn't look for an internship there because the recession decimated its top industry, you're wrong.

Profits from natural gas drove hundreds of business initiatives early in the twenty-first century, and created many jobs. When the recession hit, these businesses were stable enough to keep most employees and even invested in new industries, like green tech. So Houston is more than OK. In fact, it's a great place to start a career.

One of industries to find an internship in Houston is, of course, in energy.

Major centers for ConocoPhillips, Exxon-Mobil, Shell Oil, and BP are all located here and all offer good opportunities for students or new or recent college graduates.

ConocoPhillips has internships in Marketing, Finance (for MBA students), and Engineering. Most of its internships include weekly seminars, company orientation, and direct feedback from senior managers.

And despite the recent tough economic climate, Exxon-Mobil still offers hundreds of internships each year in Engineering Technology, Accounting, Legal, Government Affairs, Land Management, and Finance.

BP, meanwhile, offers internships in its Exploration and Production, Petroleum Engineer, and Geophysics groups. The company's co-operative program allows students to work and go to school at the same time.

The Aeronautics Industry is well represented here, too. Continental Airlines, Southwest Airlines and NASA are all located in Houston.

Continental offers several Engineering and Finance internships, as well as five Internal Audit positions, where you would get to travel 25% of the time preparing corporate operational audits.

NASA's Undergraduate Student Research Project has several exciting 10- or 15-week internship opportunities throughout the year for undergraduate students in Engineering, Science, Technology or Mathematics. According to NASA, internships are challenging but have some incredible perks. For example, one student recently had the chance to use software and robotic systems tused on the International Space Station! (For more, see this news story).

Other Internship Opportunities:

Verizon Wireless (Web/Communications)– Want to help the nation's biggest cellular network get better? Start an internship working with RF engineers and collecting drive test data for performance optimization.

Waste Management (Business) – This Fortune 500 firm needs interns in its marketing, finance and sales groups.

Houston Astros – (Sports/Marketing) – MLB's local team offers excellent opportunities for undergrads of "limited financial means." The departments where you can work include Baseball Operations, Graphic Design, Guest Services, and Media Relations.

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